What we started

At the beginning of its establishment, Sichuan Yanshen was based on providing customers with titanium dioxide products with high quality and controllable cost, so as to help customers product being competitive. After a long time of R & D and matching with the market demand, YSR-929 plastic titanium dioxide was launched. The whole production line takes a new production process, which not only produces high efficiency, but also saves energy.It also reduces waste and side emissions during production.
Company culture

To save your time on choice making with our honest. To create more value with our honest practice. Innovation: To improve product quality and performance in time according to market demand, and create new technology. Win-Win cooperation: Considering the use of our product under customer's need and insist on offering worthwhile product and serivce.

Titanium dioxide raw materials The main raw material for Titanium dioxide manufacturing is ilmenite and sulfuric acid. ilmenite is a titanium ore whose titanium dioxide (TiO2) content is 40% ~ 60% after physical and chemical enrichment such as beneficiation. Ilmenite, is divided into rock ore and placer ore. It is the basic raw material for the production of titanium dioxide and metallic titanium.

Titanium dioxide processing The main raw materials of traditional sulfuric acid process are ilmenite or acid soluble titanium slag, sulfuric acid. Process steps: acid hydrolysis, precipitation, ferrous sulfate separation, hydrolysis, forging and sintering, afterprocessing (wet grinding, inorganic coating, washing, drying, Jet crushing, organic coating), packaging.

Cooperate customers In the cooperation with well-known brand customers in the plastic industry at China and abroad market, our factory has stable quality and good response. Here we also thank the following cooperative customers: Hongmei color masterbatch, Hengcai masterbatch, Juxing plastic, etc. At the same time, in order to satisfy the needs of the market and our customers, our company is also actively developing and preparing to build a titanium dioxide production line for coatings. Welcome well-known coating users in the industry to talk the cooperation.