Particle size and dispersibility of YSR-928 are improved

2023-04-03 16:23 Sichuan Yanshen New Material

The particle size and dispersibility of our product YSR-928 are improved

After continuous experiments and improvements from January to March this year, the particle size and dispersibility of our YSR-928 Titanium dioxide   have been greatly


The particle size will greatly affect the dispersion performance of titanium dioxide. Therefore, it is necessary to control the particle size of titanium dioxide as much as possible during production to achieve high fineness and uniform particle size distribution. The usual practice in the production process is to control the hydrolysis particle size during production of titanium dioxide, increase the sanding strength of crude products,

Increase the vapor pressure of titanium dioxide jet milling.

Increasing the content of titanium dioxide can also improve the dispersion performance of the product, but the higher the better.

It is recommended that the titanium content of titanium dioxide can be controlled at 90% to 94%. Too much or too little will have a negative impact on the quality and cost of the product.

During the coating process of titanium dioxide, the final pH value of the coating is the pH value of the product.

Titanium dioxide has a better dispersion effect in a weakly acidic environment, so it is best to use a weakly acidic coating.

Dispersity agent can change the charge on the particle surface and reduce the viscosity

of the overall solution. Improve the dispersion performance of titanium dioxide, but

also control the amount of addition.

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