What kind of titanium dioxide should I choose?

2023-05-25 11:13 Sichuan Yanshen New Material

What kind of titanium dioxide should I choose?

As an excellent white pigment, titanium dioxide is widely used in interior wall paints, decorative paints, Coil steel paints, Ship paints, Architectural paints, Road marking paints, Powder coatings, Plastic bags, Plastic packaging films,Toothpaste tubes, Shampoo bottles, PVC doors and windows, PVC pipes, ABS small home appliance body, PP home appliance body, Automotive interior plastic parts, Printing inks, Textile ink, Soap, Ceramic products, Welding electrodes, Electronic, etc.

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With so many applications, how should I choose titanium dioxide? The following sincere suggestions are given to you, hoping to help you choose.

Wood paint, interior paint primer: not high requirement on whiteness ,need very good covering powder (covering the base layer)

Wood Surface paint, interior Surface paint : require very good whiteness and excellent dispersibility.

Coil steel coating primer: the whiteness requirement is not high,the weather resistance should be very good. If there is a special anti-rust requirement, it needs to be used in combining with anti-rust pigments. For example, use our company's WP-211 aluminum tripolyphosphate non-toxic and harmless anti-rust pigment .

Coil steel paint topcoat: require very good whiteness, good dispersion and low oil absorption.

Powder coating: general powder coating, which does not require high whiteness, particle size and good tinting strength. If it is used for outdoor application,   it requires very good weather resistance.

Special high-gloss powder coating: it should be high fineness and uniform, and the leveling property should be good.

Road marking paint: low requirement on whiteness, weather ability should be good.