China Titanium dioxide price trend June,2023

2023-06-16 11:42 Sichuan Yanshen New Material

China Titanium dioxide price trend June,2023:   

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Titanium dioxide price come back to last year lowest level(Nov. and Dec.). It is stable now and it will keep for a period of time. Not so long, It may start to recover from next month.

Many Sichuan Titanium dioxide   factories started to decrease the production quantity, or stop product line to face the price suffering time.

Although TiO2 market is still weak now, it get better from this week, and Titanium dioxide   raw materials ilmenite, sulfuric aicd both get stable for more than 10 days no dropping again. So we expect Sichuan Titanium dioxide manufacturer price may get recover from next week and may increase back a little at July.