China's titanium dioxide price status July 13

2023-07-13 14:37 Sichuan Yanshen New Material

China's titanium dioxide price status:

Recently, some factories have stopped production or shut down some production lines

to reduce supply. In response to the continuous Titanium dioxide downward trend sinceApril. Some domestic leading enterprises also agree that the price of titanium dioxide is

already at the bottom. There is no space for keep going down again. just because of thedomestic market.

It will take time to recover, so the price will not recover anytime soon. And we expect this state to continue until the end of the month.

At present, the raw materials of titanium dioxide production,Ilmenite ore and sulfuric acid, are stable in a certain price range. We just need to wait for the market's consumption of stock and expectations for the recovery of the consumer market.