Product Conformity Declaration

2024-05-25 14:24 Sichuan Yan Shen New Material

Due to the expansion of our company's production capacity and more timely response to user needs, our company has established a new titanium dioxide production factory in Foshan since last year. The new factory is named: Guangdong Haochen New Materials Co., Ltd.

Here, our company seriously declares:

Guangdong Haochen New Materials Co., Ltd. takes the same production process   as SichuanYanshen Titanium Dioxide Factory to ensure the stability and consistency of production quality.

Due to the requirements of the Foshan City Industrial and Commercial Administration and the taxation Administration, the product packaging of Guangdong Haochen New Materials Co., Ltd. must be printed with Guangdong Haochen New Materials Co.,Ltd. So the new packaging design is as follows:

Ourcompany guarantees that changes in packaging will not affect the productquality of YSR-929, YSR-928, and YSR-927.

At the same time, we would like to thank all users again for their strong support to our Yanshen brand titanium dioxide for a long time!

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